Day 2: Mess, Inspiration and Clarity

It’s quite early in the morning (on the order of 1:15 AM) and, quite frankly, I feel like writing. About my day; about inspiration; about the one-word prompt I read about on here (“messy”). Without further delay, let’s dive into the deep end of a tired millennial’s mind.

Fortunately, my day was filled with passion, excitement and an overall sense of ennui. Passion in the sense that I was able to convince myself to start a new blog (namely, the one you’ve stumbled upon); excitement in the sense that I was able to completely unwind and escape the paralyzing feeling of burnout that has plagued me as of late. Furthermore, I got to relish in one of my favorite pastimes: listening to an entire music album, in uninterrupted fashion. I traveled across a 20-year period, starting from the ’50s and ending at the ’70s. Calming yet profound folk followed in the vocalizations of Dave Van Ronk; ennui-laden, soothing rock jumped out from the Kinks’ discography; and beautiful and electric rock n roll found itself to my ears through the works of the Flamin’ Groovies. What a marvelous day.

Day. Day makes me think about night as they are intertwined partners. Night makes me think of long, solemn walks in which I’m able to delve down the “rabbit hole” of my mind. This immersion into my variable thoughts serves to offer a sense of clarity that carries on through the rest of the night and possibly throughout the following week.

Let’s talk about clarity. Quite a profound word as it symbolizes much of the complexities of living. We all seek clarity at one point or another in our lives (I know I certainly do). How do we define clarity? Or, rather, how do I define it? Both solid and vital questions to ask. I’ll leave the former up to you; comment down below with your thoughts on what clarity means to you. As for the latter, clarity essentially means mess. What? That’s right: to an old-soul millennial, clarity = mess. Let me explain.

Mess arises from internal clutter and external disorganization. But mess is undoubtedly powerful and important in our lives. Particularly, mess may lead to an overall sense of feeling overwhelmed and bewilderment. Aha! When we realize the messy state that we commonly find ourselves in, we in turn seek out clarity. I know I do.

Personally, I’ve come to terms with my unfortunate academic decisions this quarter. Now, instead of dwelling in my academic malaise, which would only serve to augment my feeling of unease, I’ve realized that I can only move forward. One foot at a time. This approach is effectively mired in an overall sense of clarity, as one becomes clear on what they want in life as they subdivide life’s challenges and their own goals.

Finally, I want to outline my (hopefully) manageable and viable goals for later today. For one, I need to review this past week’s lecture notes for physics and differential equations. This is much easier said than done (especially since I’m currently dealing with burnout). Thus, I must specify exactly what it is I want to get done and refrain from vagueness. Specification and detail are the pillars of motivation and inspiration; vagueness and generality are their enemies. First, I will tackle physics: I’ll review the lectures from the last homework assignment in a successive manner. Then, I’ll write down the key ideas and main concepts on printer paper (this is what I always do, especially this quarter). Secondly, I’ll set my focus upon math: I’ll review the relevant sections from last week’s lectures (some of which I didn’t attend: cough cough Monday). Accordingly, I’ll also use the Printer Paper method. As I go along reading the relevant sections, I’ll do the respective assignment for each one.

In summation, I plan on studying from 2-4:30 pm. After that, I’ll hit the gym (I’ll do chest, abs and run). I hope to get home by 6:30 and for the next hour and a half I plan on working on my blog and listening to music.

All in a day’s work. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings today! Take care.



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